Why have a website?

These days nearly all organisations, no matter how small, have a website. Here are some reasons why your voluntary or community organisation needs a website:

  • So that more people can find out about your organisation/its services
  • So you can update your users/members/funders/partners with news
  • Funders expect organisations to have a website
  • A website is cheaper than printing and posting newsletters


Why use VOICE?

Firstly (and perhaps most importantly in the voluntary and community sector) VOICE is free to use for voluntary & community groups, public sector organisations, schools/colleges and councillors. There are free blogging sites available for anyone, but the other advantages of using VOICE are:

  • VOICE has been specifically designed for the voluntary and community sector
  • Free hosting
  • It is very easy to use
  • More than one person can be the site administrator so you aren't dependent on one member of staff/volunteer
  • Different people can be responsible for editing different parts of the site
  • Superhighways runs regular training courses so you can learn how to get the most out of the VOICE system
  • Superhighways can provide ongoing technical support to help you develop your website using VOICE
  • Your organisation will be listed in the Kingston VOICE Community Directory
  • You can add features like a calendar, surveys, polls, photo albums, feeds which would be expensive to develop for another website
  • You can add a Private Area to your website to use as an intranet for your staff/volunteer/members
  • VOICE provides statistics on visits to your website


You can register for a VOICE website now.

If you are still unsure about whether VOICE would be suitable for your organisation, please contact Superhighways who can advise you.


What to put on your website

The type of website you should have will depend on what your organisation does and how much time you have to update it

At the very least, your organisation will need a basic website with an overview of who you are, what you do and how to contact you. This type of site is very easy to set up and requires little or no time to update.

Canbury And Riverside Association (CARA) is a good example of this type of site. 

You may decide that your organisation needs a website with more features for example pages for each project, photographs, newsletters, surveys and discussion forums. These are all features that you can add in VOICE.  Addison Gardens Allotment Association has a good example of this type of website.


Free Website

Free website for Community Organisations: Apply Now