Technical Problems

  1. I’ve added a new page, but it isn’t showing up on the website.

    Have you clicked Save and Publish? Have you refreshed the browser window where you are viewing your live website?

    If it is not either of these things, then it might be that you haven’t set the page to show in the navigation bar. Find the page in the Admin section and then you need to set Show in Navigation to “Yes” – by default this is set to No. Now click Save and Publish.

  2. I’m trying to insert an image into Voice, but it isn’t working.

    Is the file size too big? The maximum size of any type of file that can be uploaded is 2MB, but should be much smaller than this. You can resize or compress images in any standard imaging software – Microsoft Picture Manager has an easy to use function for compressing images (open the image you want in Picture Manager, then go to Picture, then Compress and choose Web from the options).

    Is the file an image file type that is suitable for the web? It needs to be a jpg, gif or png file. Other image file types do not work on the internet. Publisher files, pdfs or Word documents with images inserted are not image files.

  3. I'm trying to add a document to the website, but it isn't working.

    As with images, VOICE has a maximum upload size of 2MB, but really you should only be uploading much smaller documents.  So one problem might be that your file is too big.

    Another common problem is that you are trying to upload a file type that isn't compatible with websites, for example a Publisher file or PowerPoint presentation.  You should always convert these types of files into pdf first.

  4. I want to change the text/images that are on the right-hand side of our page, but I can’t find where this information is to edit it.

    This information will be stored in an Includelet. Click Edit this Page then click on the Layout tab. This will show you the components that make up the overall page. If the includelets are greyed out, click on the red link “Click to make a new revision for editing” then double-click on the appropriate includelet to edit it. Once you have done this, you must go to the Publishing tab and click Publish for the changes to appear on your site.

  5. I’ve edited some information on the right-hand side of the page, but it isn’t showing up on the site

    The most likely problem here is that you haven’t published it. Items in the right-hand column or any other includelets cannot be published themselves as they are only components of a page. When you have saved it, you need to go to the Publishing tab for that page and click on the red Publish link.

  6. Part of our logo is cut off

    Voice has a preferred size for logos, which varies depending on which theme you are using; with DarkTones and Playtime themes it is 150 x 80 pixels, for all other themes it is138 x 85 pixels. If you upload a logo that is not within these measurements, Voice will automatically resize it, which can lead to part of it not showing or being cut off. It is best to resize your image yourself before you upload it. This can be done in Microsoft Picture Manager or any other standard imaging software.

  7. The size and font face of text varies across our site.

    This is most likely because text has been pasted in from a variety of sources without using the Paste as Plain Text mode.  Each Voice theme has a default font which is one that is suitable for the web, so it is best to not change the font and always Paste as Plain Text to ensure it is consistent.

  8. There is a map on our home page with our address.  The address needs to be changed, but I can't find where to do this or how to get rid of this entirely.

    The address that show is controlled by the information that you used when you first registered for a Voice site.

    In recent times (since around 2010), by default your contact details are set to appear on the home page.  You can remove it by going into the Layout tab for the Home Page, creating a new revision for editing and moving the Content Information includelet to the Scratch.  Then Publish it under the Publish Tab.

    If you want to change the address, click on Manage Website and under Site Settings tab, click on Organisation Details.  Click the Edit button to change your address. When you click OK, it will automatically change the information on the Home Page or anywhere else that you have a Contact Information includelet.  There may be a slight delay (up to 15 minutes before this updates on your live site).


  9. I have made a change to an event in our Events Calendar, but the old information is still showing on the Home Page / I have deleted an event from the Events Calendar, but it is still there on the Home Page.

    Information in these includelets can take a little while to update - sometimes up to 15 minutes, so you may have to wait to see the changes come through.

  10. We have received an email saying someone wants to become a member of our website.  What does this mean?  We don't know the person and don't want them to be able to edit our website.

    Someone signing up to become a member of your site just means that they have an interest in your organisation.  Under Users & Permissions in the Administration part of the site, you will see a list of members waiting to approve.  If you approve them, they won't be able to edit your site (unless you make them an administrator as well or change the permissions on your site), but you can email members through the Users & Permissions section, so it can be used like a mailing list.

  11. I can't get into the Users & Permissions section of the Administration area of the website. Whenever, I click on it, it takes me back our the Members page on our website,

    The URL (web address) for the Users & Permissions section is so you if set up a page that you call just Members, this will confuse the system as both have the same address. To fix this, call your members page something else - just changing it to Our Members will make it work.