Why use Voice?

  1. Why do I need a website

    These days nearly all organisations, no matter how small, have a website. Here are some reasons why your voluntary or community organisation needs a website:

    • So that more people can find out about your organisation/its services
    • So you can update your users/members/funders/partners with news
    • Funders expect organisations to have a website
    • A website is cheaper than printing and posting newsletters
  2. What is VOICE?

    VOICE is a free website system specifically designed for the voluntary sector.  It is what is known as a Content Management System which makes adding new pages and organising content online very easy, without needing specialist technical skills.

  3. Do I need to know any coding?

    No, Voice has been designed to be easy to use, requiring no knowledge of programming or coding.  It uses a  Content Management System that makes it easy to add new pages and has a variety of Application for adding more dynamic content. 

  4. What will it cost?

    Setting up a website using Voice is free. There are support materials on this site to help you use the system, but you may find that training is helpful to get you started. KVA runs training courses in Voice approximately every 2 months at both beginners and advanced level. The cost per person for a half-day training course is £20 for voluntary/community sector organisations. The possible cost is for buying your own domain name i.e. an easy to remember website address. We recommend you buy this through 1 and 1 – for .org.uk address is normally costs around £2.99 + VAT per year.